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In 2016, the NK5 group acquired the crown lease from the previous Cockatoo Island owners with the primary purpose to restore the island to tourism-based activities.

NK5 Group in turn has established Cockatoo Is Pty Ltd as the island operator and administrator. All day to day correspondence and dealings will be carried out with Cockatoo Is Pty Ltd.

Cockatoo Is Pty Ltd as the operator of Cockatoo Island resort encourage and welcome all operators to put forward any formal proposal for ongoing use of the Cockatoo Island facilities.


Cockatoo Is Pty Ltd continues to be committed to improving the facilities at Cockatoo Island.

Essential services including:

  • New power generation and distribution system.
  • New compliant sewage treatment plant
  • Waste management facility.
  • Road way, common areas and circulation spaces maintenance.

The Club and infinity pool and surrounds have been refurbished including roofing, decks, gardens. and a new toilet block. The pool has been completely rebuilt with new pumps filtration and lighting. The Club is not open to the public at this time.

Iron Bar and town pool has also had some improvements but kept its rustic Kimberley charm. Cool rooms, ice machine is now operational.

3. SERVICES 2020

Cockatoo Is Pty Ltd has a range of services available in 2020 for stage 1 of Cockatoo Island redevelopment. Later stages will see the introduction of additional services and accommodation.


Dingy transfers can also be arranged for boats to Collins Cove beach. Please also refer MI19 for more information.


Contact CMC Barging for further information. (08) 9192 7080.


On request refrigerated and dry stores can be ordered and delivered to our island facilities for arranged pickup.



Both packaged soft and alcoholic drinks will be available for purchase for The Iron Bar. Check web site for seasonal opening hours. Eftpos is available



Bagged ice is available for the Iron Bar


Accommodation For 2020

The Fisherman’s comprise of 14 double rooms with shared bathrooms. Airconditioned rooms, serviced with linen, a small common area and veranda seating.

Portable (donga) comprise of 28 single rooms complete with ensuites. Airconditioned rooms and serviced with linen.

Camping ground area is available. These are Non-powered sites and are limited.

Iron Bar, see web site for details.

The Club, Is not available at this time.


All services and amenities are limited and must be booked well in advance.


Cockatoo Is Pty Ltd recognises the unique role and expertise that Aboriginal people have as the traditional land owners, The diversity of Aboriginal communities across Western Australia is highlighted by the diversity of languages and cultural connections with the land. Existing for at least 40,000 years, Aboriginal cultures are reported to be some of the oldest living on Earth.

It is important that operators continue to build sustainable relationships with Indigenous communities. Traditional custodians should be acknowledged and respected as the carers of the land, the holders of knowledge in relation to the significance of sites. Building successful relationships with Indigenous communities will add value to your tourism product.


Due to the danger a fire would cause on the Island, fires of any nature and or barbeques are strictly prohibited outside resort BBQ areas. Operator guests found lighting fires or using a wood fuelled barbeques will be required to leave the Island and no refunds or compensation will be given in these circumstances.

Visitors are also not allowed to bring fireworks and other prohibited high-risk items to the island. A total fire ban exists all year round.


Domestic pets (including dogs) are not permitted on the Island or in its waters. Persons in contravention of this regulation will be penalised and required to remove the pet immediately, at their own expense.

If there is a genuine medical requirement to bring an animal with you such as a guide or assistance dog this is acceptable, however please contact the Cockatoo Is Pty Ltd prior to arrival on (08) 9226 5444.


A complete ban on smoking in enclosed areas of pubs and clubs came into effect on 1 December 2006. The Smoke- Free Public Places Act also requires occupiers of outdoor premises to take reasonable steps to prevent smoke from entering no-smoking areas, Smoking is only permitted in smoking zones advertised.



Due to the liquor licensing conditions, minors (17 and under) are not permitted to travel or stay at Cockatoo Island Resort without a parent or legal guardian. Minors must be accompanied at all times by an adult at the Club and at the Iron Bar. Cockatoo Island Resort is a fully licensed premises, therefore the bringing of takeaway alcohol is not permitted. We reserve the right to inspect all eskies brought onto the island.

Any alcohol confiscated will be stored in a secure location and returned on departure. Alcohol can be purchased from The Iron Bar and taken back to guest accommodation for consumption. Consumption of alcohol in public and on the beach is not permitted.


Our Cockatoo Island Behavioral rules and standards are created with you in mind and to ensure that our guests have an enjoyable stay on the Island. Your health and safety is imperative to us, so please take care of yourself and others when on the Island. If you disregard these rules and/or disrupt the enjoyment of other guests, we may ask you to leave the Island. No refunds or compensation will be given in these circumstances.


Please think of other guests whilst on the Island and keep noise within your accommodation to a minimum between the hours of midnight and 8.00am. When returning to your accommodation at night, please remember other guests may be asleep.

Audio equipment may only be used within the accommodation and at a level that does not disturb other guests.

A person shall not without permission, by the use of any electronic, mechanical or other instrument or machine or by natural means within the limits of the Island cause or produce a noise that unreasonably interferes with the convenience, comfort or amenity of any person.

Damage to property

Operators and guests will be held liable for any losses, breakages or damage caused by them to the Island and/or its contents, including but not limited to any buildings, accommodation or property and/or equipment, fixtures, fittings and/or furnishings (including any items hired by guests).

Assaults, indecent language, offensive behaviour etc will not be tolerated on Cockatoo Island

Operators and guests are responsible for their own conduct on the Island and must have regard to any rules imposed by us, our staff and/or our representatives. If at any time, in our opinion, the conduct or behaviour of any operator guest(s) is considered to be detrimental to us or our other guests, then they will be asked to leave the Island. No refunds or compensation will be given in these circumstances

A person shall not within the limits of the Island:

  • unlawfully assault any person; or
  • use indecent, obscene, threatening, abusive or insulting language; or
  • do or engage in any offensive, indecent or improper act, conduct or behaviour; or
  • act in such a way as to cause a nuisance or annoyance to persons within the limits of the Island.


At all times, all native flora and fauna throughout WA are protected under the Wildlife Conservation Act 1950 unless declared otherwise. This includes all living plants, or parts of plants (including seeds or spores), and all or part of any animal living or dead (including eggs, carcass, skin, plumage, shell and bones).

It is an offence against the Wildlife Conservation Act 1950 to take protected flora or fauna without lawful authority.

Section 6 of that Act specifies the definition of ‘to take’ in relation to flora to include to gather, pluck, cut, pull up, destroy, dig up, remove or injure the flora or to permit the same to be done by any means.

To take’ fauna in relation to any fauna includes to kill or capture any fauna by any means or to disturb or molest any fauna by any means or to use any method whatsoever to hunt or kill any fauna whether this results in killing or capturing any fauna or not; and also includes every attempt to take fauna and every act of assistance to another person to take fauna and derivatives and inflections have corresponding meaning.

Please be mindful of this law whenever you encounter native flora and fauna on and around Cockatoo Island.

Taking of fish shall be in accordance with the Fish Resource Management Act 1994 which is administered by the Department of Fisheries.


Due to the untouched nature of the Island, the terrain is extremely uneven in places. Operators and guests may explore limited areas of the Island which are open to public and as directed by island management, but this is done strictly at the gests own risk. We do not accept any liability should any injury, loss and/or damage be caused to any person in these circumstances.

Certain designated areas of the Island are strictly no entry to our guests. We accept no liability should any injury, loss and/or damage be caused to any person resulting from a breach of this rule. Any guest found in these areas will be required to leave the Island. No refunds or compensation will be given in these circumstances.



Interactions with marine mammals by the public and commercial operators are managed under the Wildlife Conservation (Close Season for Marine Mammals) Notice 1998, while interactions with whale sharks are managed under the Wildlife

Conservation (Close Season for Whale Sharks) Notice 1996 (see section 3.0).

Land-based turtle interactions are restricted as turtles are not able to escape disturbance easily on land and human disturbance is usually prolonged and can have serious repercussions for these animals.

Commercial operators arerequired hold a wildlife interaction licence in order to interact with turtles (land-based only), whale sharks or marine mammals, including whales, dolphins, seals, sea lions and dugongs.


Visitors to the north of the State must be mindful of crocodiles that inhabit any marine environments including mangrove creeks, coastal rivers and inlets in the Kimberley region as the coastal zone systems in these regions provide habitat for saltwater crocodiles. Saltwater crocodiles can also be encountered in more open water conditions, island beaches and exposed reef areas.

Operators and visitors are advised to:

  • take care and stay alert.
  • avoid entering the water.
  • take extreme care when launching and retrieving boats.
  • avoid fishing near the water’s edge.
  • not swim where saltwater crocodiles are known to inhabit, or may inhabit or where signposted not to do s.
  • take care when swimming in any body of water in and around Cockatoo Island.


November to April is the wet season in the northern half of Western Australia (including Cockatoo Island) bringing with it the risk of tropical cyclones. Severe cyclones can cause widespread damage, injury and loss of life.

Given the uncertainty and unpredictability of damage created by individual cyclones, operators in or visiting cyclone sensitive regions are urged to apply extreme caution with regard to exposing workers and passengers to the dangers associated with cyclones.

Commercial operators in a cyclone prone-area must have an emergency plan, which includes evacuation and cyclone shelter considerations. Cockatoo Island’s cyclone shelter is located at the air strip, this shelter must be treated as a last resort if you cannot evacuate the Island.


Cockatoo Island takes no responsibility for operators or operator’s passengers in the event of emergency and Cockatoo Is Pty Ltd urges those who offer organised travel to Cockatoo Island to compile safety plans relating to their specific tours and activities in question. A safety plan comprises rules on work procedures, contingency plan and incident reporting must be included.

For further information

Worksafe’s website

FESA has prepared the ‘Cyclone Smart’ kit to assist the public prepare for cyclone season


Fees and Charges for 2019 – 2020
Cockatoo Is Bus Transfers – Helipad to / from helipad to Collins Cove (each way)
Vehicle transfer to Collins Cove each way (maximum 5 people)
See also details contained in HI20
Moored vessel
Dingy Transfers to Collins Cove each way (maximum 6 people)
See also details contained in MI20

Food and beverage pricing will be posted at the Iron Bar and are subject to change.

For all transfers with more than 10 passengers please contact our office for discounted quotation.

Above pricing is inclusive of GST.

All fees and charges must be paid in advance before arrival to the island.

The islands facilities are limited and may not be available at your requested times / dates.


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