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In August of 2018, the NK5 Group trading as Cockatoo Is (the island operator), received approval from the state government, Dambimangari Aboriginal corporation and Cockatoo Iron by way of a Section 91 License to use the airstrip and road ways for the purpose of transferring passengers relating to its operation.

Please review this document in conjunction with-


It should be noted that Cockatoo Is have spent considerable time and resources to ensure that the island village in the heart of the Buccaneer Archipelago is now open for business. On this basis Cockatoo Is related operators are asked to ensure that they follow the rules and guidelines laid out including, but not limited to:

For all Cockatoo Is related flights / charters a Movement Request form MR20 must be completed and approved 24 hours prior to departure. At this time an airstrip condition report will be given. This is for the safety of all passengers, operators and staff.

Cockatoo Is operators failing to comply with this basic safety requirement may be removed without notice from the Cockatoo Is approved operators list.

  • Operators may seek, and Cockatoo Is may grant, on a case by case basis, a ‘blanket’ approval for regular Cockatoo Is related flights. Operators are advised that any flights in addition to ‘blanket’ approved flights, landing permissions must be sought. Operators must advise Cockatoo Is if any delays to ‘blanket’ approved flights are expected in order to arrange parking.
  • For Cockatoo Is related flights transport can be arranged to and from the airstrip for passengers requiring transfers. See II20 for further information.
  • For all non-Cockatoo Is aviation activity please seek other information / make other arrangements.


Operators and pilots are reminded of the following:

  • Windshear is expected on short final when to runway 12 when the wind is from the north. Pilots can also expect windshear on runway 12 when the wind is from the east due to the valley.
  • Mechanical windshear is also expected when landing on runway 30 due the large workshop 0.2 nm from the runway 30 threshold.
  • The airstrip is susceptible to water contamination after heavy rain. At all times it is advisable to contact Cockatoo Is prior to departure for the latest airstrip condition report.


Over the years, the Cockatoo Island airstrip has evolved. The airstrip itself is an Authorised Landing Area and is not licensed, therefore Cockatoo Is encourages operators to make their own determination of the airstrip dimensions however, we offer the following survey data as a guide only:


Operators are advised to conduct their own performance analysis using the above survey data as a guide. Cockatoo Is, Cockatoo Iron nor any of its associated companies, will be held responsible for operators using the data, as it is advisory only.


In respect of local procedures, the following is to be implemented by all operators:

  • West Kimberley CTAF frequency of 127.20 is to be used for all operations to and from Cockatoo Island. Groundstaff will be monitoring this frequency. Normal CTAF aerodrome procedures apply.
  • A discreet Cockatoo Island frequency of 128.80, callsign “Cockatoo Ground” can be contacted and pilots are requested to monitor this frequency on their number 2 VHF sets if fitted.
  • Circuit height is 1400ft QNH. (runway elev 380ft)
  • Right Hand circuits apply for runway 30, Left Hand circuits for runway 12 due to potential blasting in the mine area.
  • Tourism flights are encouraged to approach the Cockatoo Island from Irvine island to the northwest, or Koolan Island to the east to avoid flying near the mine.
  • Pilots are requested to avoid prop wash from entering the terminal building thus parking with aircraft facing towards the north east or the east. Parking towards the northwest will wash into the terminal area where passengers will be seated.
  • Preferred runway sare 30 for landing and 12 for departure due to noise abatement at the resort.
  • Parking on the concrete pad (as seen in picture AP1) is not permitted. This is due to the pad infringing on the runway strip width.
  • The airstrip is also used as an access road to other parts of the island, so it is imperative to have prior permission prior to landing.
  • During times of multiple parked aircraft, it is the responsibility of each pilot to coordinate their position on the parking apron.


Australia’s safety laws for drones or unmanned aerial vehicles (“UAV”), also known as remotely piloted aircraft (“RPA”), as defined in the Civil Aviation Safety Regulations Part 101, vary depending on whether you are flying recreationally, for sport or for commercial purposes.

7. Recreational Use

Due to safety concerns and the close proximity of our aerodrome to our resort and island infrastructure, recreational / sport use is not permitted on Cockatoo Island and waters surrounding Cockatoo Island.


8. Commercial Use

When flying for any form of economic gain, you need to have an RPA operator’s certificate (“ReOC”). A holder of a UAV operator’s certificate (“UOC”) may continue to operate as per their certificate. In addition to a valid ReOC or UOC, written approval must be obtained from Cockatoo Island management prior to operation on Cockatoo Island and surrounds.

Cockatoo Is WA Pty Ltd has adopted this policy to ensure the safety and privacy of our guests, visitors and staff. RPA use that is in breach of any regulation will be reported to the Civil Aviation Safety Authority (CASA) which can impose infringement notices of up to $8,500 per offence.

For approval for commercial use of RPA’s please email our office info@cockatoois.com


Information surrounding CASA’s regulations for RPA usage can be found at:

Information surrounding Airservices RPA policy can be found at:

Cockatoo Is WA Pty Ltd encourages reporting of illegal usage of RPAs on Cockatoo Island and surrounds. This can be done through CASA at:


Cockatoo air strip is subject to environmental deterioration. It is the responsibility of each pilot to make themselves aware of the condition of the strip at all times.

Cockatoo airstrip may be closed from time to time due to repairs / maintenance / environmental conditions.

Parking of aircraft is the owners risk and no responsibility will be taken for any damage to aircraft whilst parked at the Cockatoo Island WA Airstrip.


No fees or charges apply for Cockatoo Is related aviation activity.

For fees and charges relating to the Village (NK5’s lease) please refer to Island Information II20 document.

For aviation activity outside Cockatoo Is operations further fees and charges may apply.


For all aviation activities relating to Cockatoo Is please contact:

Cockatoo Island: The Kimberley Western Australia 6731 Australia
Island Bar: (08) 9191 4621
Resort: (08) 9191 7872

Head Office: 30 Coolgardie St West Perth WA 6005 Australia
Reception: (08) 9226 5444
Email: info@cockatoois.com


For all commercial and aviation related activities, contact:

Or in the event of urgent inquiries:

Cockatoo Is Pty Ltd

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